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We offer Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) courses in Squamish.  Course location is dependent on weather and skill set.   Please complete the form below if you would like to have a custom course scheduled for you or your group or if you have any questions about our product offering.



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FitSUP is a fully mobile company teaching around Squamish – from first time paddlers to fitness fanatics wanting a change from the gym fitness class we've got you covered.  With PaddleFit and Paddle Canada Instructors we will provide you with a solid foundation to help you achieve your SUP or fitness goals.  The Lakeshore and Hala boards we stock together with our SUP accessories will get you out on the water on a quality platform that will last you for years to come.

Inflatable SUP suction cup and GoPro Mount

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Tips, tricks and other useful information on Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) in lakes around Squamish (predominantly Brohm and Alice Lake), in Howe Sound and the local rivers.

Inflatable SUP suction cup and GoPro Mount

Philip Kaiser

Suction cups and many of the 3M adhesives used for mounts (i.e. 3M VHB) will not form a proper bond on the PVC used in the construction of inflatable SUPs.  A simple cost effective solution to this, is to create a surface that can be used for mounting.

GoPro mounted on the temporary mounting.

Parts list

  • Duraplex 8 x 10 High Impact Acrylic
  • 50cm (length varies depending on D-ring configuration on the board) 0.3cm shock cord
  • 1m 3mm static cord for safety tether
  • Double Eye Sliding Bolt Snap
  • 90cm clear vinyl tubing
  • Clear Silicone
  • GoPro Surf Mount (optional - shown in picture)
  1. Carefully drill 4 holes approximately 1 cm in from each corner (hole size corresponds to shock chord thickness).  Make sure the acrylic is well supported and don't push too hard as the corner will snap off. 
  2. Sand / file down the sharp corners on the acrylic.
  3. Cut open one side of the clear tubing and fill it with silicone. 
  4. Squeeze the silicone filled tube around the acrylic and use 6 elastic bands (3 horizontal and 3 vertical to keep the tubing in place.
  5. Once the silicon is dry rub off the excess - it flakes easily when dry.
  6. Sand off any sharp corners on the tubing.
  7. Weave the shock chord through two of the holes and tie a loop on both ends - the perfection loop knot works well.
  8. Secure the safety tether to one of the holes not used by the shock chord

You're ready to go with an easily transferable platform for your Inflatable.  The setup can be pre-configured then attached to a board at the side of the water by quickly weaving the shock chord through two D-rings and tying the safety tether onto a D-ring or handle.