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We offer Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) courses in Squamish.  Course location is dependent on weather and skill set.   Please complete the form below if you would like to have a custom course scheduled for you or your group or if you have any questions about our product offering.



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FitSUP is a fully mobile company teaching around Squamish – from first time paddlers to fitness fanatics wanting a change from the gym fitness class we've got you covered.  With PaddleFit and Paddle Canada Instructors we will provide you with a solid foundation to help you achieve your SUP or fitness goals.  The Lakeshore and Hala boards we stock together with our SUP accessories will get you out on the water on a quality platform that will last you for years to come.

Kids SUP

Kids SUP Lessons / paddles

We live in a beautiful part of Canada with so many opportunities to get onto the water and SUP is a great way to get access to the different water ways in our community safely and responsibly.  As a passion for SUP grows within the child so too does their responsibility to take care of our environment. Our vision is to create experiences for our participants that will enhance their appreciation, respect & understanding for responsible outdoor environmental use, starting with private lessons from age 5 through to our Kids SUP program for ages 8 - 11, and the Foundational Paddling Camps we developed and deliver for the Squamish Paddling Club for ages 12 - 15.


  Kids Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills Course (Ages 5 - 7)

Young minds learn differently to adults.  We offer a "kids" version of the Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills course.  The course is broken into 90 minute sessions, at a minimum 2 sessions are required.  Course cost is $40 per session (all equipment included).  Children should be at least 5 years old, at least 1 meter tall and comfortable in water.  These courses are conducted on a 1:1 instructor student ratio.

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KIDS SUP (ages 8 - 11)

Go beyond the minimum certification requirements set out by Paddle Canada, our program combines components of Paddle Canada’s Syllabus with the PaddleSmart Program and the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s "Wild About Sports Program” to instill Stand Up Paddling (“SUP”) Skills, water safety awareness and about the aquatic environment. 

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Squamish Paddling Club Foundational Camps (ages 12 - 15)

We are proud to have developed the Squamish Paddling Club’s Foundational Camps an experiential learning experience like no other. Part 1: Introduction to Paddling on the Blind Channel & Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Part 4: Introduction to River Paddling – River SUP Camp are delivered by us under the Paddling Club banner. For more information and to book see the club’s website.